Section 60 of GST – Provisional assessment

Section 60 of GST – Provisional assessment. Check Details for GST Section 60 In this section you may find all details for Provisional assessment as per GST Act 2017Detailed Analysis of GST Section 60 of GST Act 2017.

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Section 60 of GST – Provisional assessment

(1) Subject to the provision of sub-section (2),where the taxable person is unable to determine the value of goods or services or both or determine the rate of tax applicable thereto, he may request the proper officer in writing giving reasons for payment of tax on a provisional basis and the proper officer shall pass an order within a period not later than ninety days from the date of receipt of such request, allowing payment of tax on provisional basis at such rate or on such value as may be specified by him.

(2) The payment of tax on provisional basis may be allowed, if the taxable person executes a bond in such form as may be prescribed, and with such surety or security as the proper officer may deem fit, binding the taxable person for payment of the difference between the amount of tax as may be finally assessed and the amount of tax provisionally assessed.

(3) The proper officer shall, within a period not exceeding six months from the date of the communication of the order issued under sub-Section (1), pass the final assessment order after taking into account such information as may be required for finalizing the assessment.

Provided that the period specified in this sub-section may, on sufficient cause being shown and for reasons to be recorded in writing, be extended by the Joint/Additional Commissioner for a further period not exceeding six months and by the Commissioner for such further period not exceeding four years.

(4) The registered person shall be liable to pay interest on any tax payable on the supply of goods or services or both under provisional assessment but not paid on the due date specified under subsection (7) of section 39 or the rules made thereunder, at the rate specified under sub-Section (1) of Section 50, from the first day after the due date of payment of tax in respect of the said supply of goods or services or both till the date of actual payment, whether such amount is paid before or after the issuance of order for final assessment.

(5) Where the registered person is entitled to a refund consequent to the order of final assessment under sub-Section (3), subject to the provisions of sub-Section (8) of Section 54, interest shall be paid on such refund as provided in Section 56.


Provisional assessment can be resorted to in the following situations:

(i) When a taxable person is unable to determine the Value of goods or services – viz, there is a difficulty in ascertaining:

  •  Transaction value to be adopted for determination of tax payable; e.g. open market value to be determined, where consideration is not wholly in money or where supplier enters into cost plus contract with the buyer.
  •  Inclusion or exclusion of any amounts in the value of supply; e.g. as per pre existing agreement certain percentage of discount to be allowed to buyer depending upon the buying targets achieved by them.
  •  Existence of any circumstance causing failure of transaction value declared e.g. where the supplier is concerned whether the price of the supply can be regarded as the sole consideration for the supply, if the supply has been effected based on a certain promise made by the recipient, for which the monetary value is indeterminable.

(ii) Rate of tax applicable on the supply cannot be determined by the taxable person, viz there is difficulty in ascertaining:

  • Classification of the goods and / or services under the relevant Schedule;
  • Eligibility to any exemption notification u/s 11 or compliance with conditions associated with such exemption.
  • Applicability of any abatement/deduction in rate of tax to the assesse u/s 9 or compliance of conditions associated with such abatement.


The facility of provisional assessment is available only in the cases of Valuation and determination of rate of tax. The provisions of this section cannot be extended for any other purposes or subject matter. For example, there may be uncertainty about the kind of tax (IGST or CGST-SGST) applicable, time of supply, supplies to be treated as “supply of goods” or “supply of services”, [determination of mixed or composite supply is a rate dispute], admissibility of ITC, quantum of reversal of IT, whether a particular action is supply or not. In the aforesaid kind or classes of cases, recourse is not available to provisional assessment.

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