Section 57 of GST – Consumer Welfare Fund

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Section 57 of GST – Consumer Welfare Fund

The Government shall constitute a Fund, to be called the Consumer Welfare Fund and there shall be credited to the Fund, —

  • (a) the amount referred to in sub-section (5) of section 54;
  • (b) any income from investment of the amount credited to the Fund; and
  • (c) such other monies received by it,

Analysis and Updates


If the applicant is unable to prove that the incidence was not actually passed onto any other person then the refund amount is credited to the Consumer Welfare Fund.

The overall objective of the Consumer Welfare Fund is to provide financial assistance to promote and protect the welfare of the consumers and strengthen the consumer movement in the country.


The following amounts will be credited to the Fund, in such manner as may be prescribed, –

  • All amounts of duty/central tax/ integrated tax /Union territory tax/cess
  • income from investment along with other monies specified in section 12C(2) of the Central Excise Act, 1944.

However, in case of integrated tax and compensation cess as determined under Section 54(5), an amount equal to fifty percent of such sum shall be deposited in the fund.

In case of any amount that has been credited to the fund that is now ordered or directed to be to be paid to a claimant by the proper officer, appellate authority or court, then, the same shall be paid from the fund.

Audit of the Accounts of the Fund

Rule 97(3) provides that the accounts of the fund shall be maintained by the Central Government and subject to audit by Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Constitution of the Committee

Rule 97 of the CGST Rules provides that The Government shall constitute a Standing Committee with a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Member Secretary and such other Members as it may deem fit and the Committee shall make recommendations for proper utilisation of the money credited to the Consumer Welfare Fund for welfare of the consumers. The Committee shall meet as and when necessary, generally four times in a year.

Utilisation of funds by the Committee

Rule 97 of the CGST Rules also provides that any utilisation of amount from the Consumer Welfare Fund under sub-section (1) of section 58 shall be made by debiting the Consumer Welfare Fund account and crediting the account to which the amount is transferred for utilisation.

The Rule also clearly lays down the manner in which the proceedings of the Committee are to be regulated, the powers that may be exercised and recommendations that may be made by such Committee

Comparative review

These provisions are broadly similar to the provisions contained in erstwhile Central Indirect Tax laws.

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