GST Registration Last Date, GST Registration Reopen on 25th June 2017

GST Registration last date, Revised GST Enrolment schedule for your State 2017. GST Registration reopen on 25th June 2017 and continue for 3 months as per Rules. GST Registration Schedule 2017 at new GST Portal for Your State. GST Registration Last Date is Extended till 30th September 2017. Check GST Enrolment schedule for your State. GST Registration is Started for Existing Tax Payers or Existing VAT,CST Dealers. GST Migration for Excise and Service Tax assesses to start from 25th June 2017. In this article we provide we provide GST Enrolment Dates for all States of India. Check GST Registration Dates for all Existing Taxpayers of VAT, Service Tax, Central Excise Dealers. Check GST Registration Schedule for Delhi, Maharashtra, Goa, Kolkata, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh,Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh etc. You may check your state GST Registration Last Dates 2017 from below…

“As part of its efforts to ensure implementation of GST by 1st July, 2017, CBEC has taken steps to ensure that its existing taxpayers are migrated to GST in a simple, user-friendly and smooth manner” an official statement said.

All existing central excise/ service tax assessees are requested to migrate as early as possible, latest by 30th September 2017, it said

GST Registration Schedule on New GST Portal for Your State

The schedule of the enrolment activation drive for states is given below. We encourage you to complete the enrolment during the specified dates.

GST roll out from July 1, don’t be misled by delay rumours: Govt of India. The rumours about GST implementation on social media platforms being delayed are false. Please do not be misled by it: Revenue secretary Hasmukh Adhia

GST Registration Last Date Extended

GST Registration Last Date

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GST Registration Date Extended

GST Date Extended Latest News (15-06-2017) – GST Date is extended and Registrations will re-open from 25th June 2017 (25-06-2017) and continue continue for 3 months as per Rules

As per Official News about GST Date Extension :

Existing Taxpayers of VAT, Service Tax, Central Excise


  • If you have not enrolled for GST yet, or
  • If you have activated your account under enrolment but not submitted the application


Also note that your provisional ID will be your GST Identification Number (GSTIN).

All Central Excise/Service Tax taxpayers who have either not activated, or have not been able to submit enrolment forms yet, please DO NOT panic. Enrolment reopens on 25th-JUNE and will remain open beyond 1-JULY

GST Migration Window is re-open from 25-06-2017, please login by using below links and complete your GST Registration as soon possible…

GST Registration Date Extended for 3 months – Good News for all Existing Tax Payers, GST Registration or GST Migration Window is again Start from 25th June 2017 and ended on 30th September 2017 (30-09-2017).

GST Login Process Restart form 25th June 2017, Please complete your GST Migration before 30th September 2017.


Check GST Registration Procedure –

State Start Date End Date % Enrolled
25-06-2017 30-09-2017 78.06%
25-06-2017 30-09-2017 62.58%
30-09-2017 87.80%
30-09-2017 62.93%
Daman and Diu
30-09-2017 69.73%
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
30-09-2017 69.06%
30-09-2017 83.45%
25-06-2017 30-09-2017 90.18%
30-09-2017 51.22%
30-09-2017 61.91%
30-09-2017 59.30%
30-09-2017 76.78%
30-09-2017 83.44%
30-09-2017 27.92%
30-09-2017 46.81%
30-09-2017 19.39%
30-09-2017 58.37%
Arunachal Pradesh
30-09-2017 28.10%
30-09-2017 37.53%
30-09-2017 45.41%
30-09-2017 73.42%
Jammu and Kashmir
30-09-2017 0.32%
30-09-2017 68.35%
30-09-2017 91.04%
30-09-2017 71.21%
30-09-2017 81.52%
30-09-2017 74.33%
30-09-2017 51.47%
30-09-2017 77.11%
30-09-2017 69.48%
30-09-2017 87.29%
30-09-2017 93.27%
30-09-2017 78.14%
30-09-2017 88.60%
Enrolment of Taxpayers who are registered under Central Excise Act but not registered under State VAT
30-09-2017 25.95%
Enrolment of Taxpayers who are registered under Service Tax Act but not registered under State VAT
30-09-2017 47.27%
New registration under VAT/Service Tax/Central Excise after January 2016
Not Yet Started
  • Enrolment of taxpayers registered under Central Excise Act but not under state VAT will be done between 05 January and 30th September 2017
  • Service tax registrants who are not registered under state VAT shall migrate between 09 January and 30th September 2017
  • Enrolment for new registrations under VAT/ service tax/ excise after August 2016 is slotted between 01 February and 30th September 2017

The revised enrolment schedule also gives the status of enrolment in each state, with Gujarat topping the chart with 78.36%, followed by Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh

GST Registration for Existing Tax Payers at New GST Portal

Hi Friends here he also provide complete registration procedure for Existing Tax Payers in Separate Article with all Screenshots, Please Check Full Registration Procedure for registration on New GST Portal by the old State VAT Dealers, Please check following article….

GST Migration for Excise and Service Tax assesses to start from 7th and 9th Jan 2017

In series of events to witness the GST light of the day, enrolment of existing registrants in indirect taxes was made open for the assessees presently registered with State Tax or VAT in Puducherry, the first in the Country (along with Sikkim), from November 8, 2016. On the same day, GST System Portal ‘‘ (“GSTN Portal”) was launched by the Government of India. Enrolment under GST means validating the data of existing taxpayers and filling up the remaining key fields. In this regard, the schedule of the GST enrolment plan(State-wise) was also provided by the Government. GST enrolment schedule has now been revised and the details have been made more precise along with details of the percentage of the assessees submitted/provided details (State-wise) and migrated till date.
Gist of important changes:

Earlier, the taxpayers registered under the Central Excise and Service Tax, but not registered under State VAT were required to enrol from January 1, 2017, but now enrolment date for the Central Excise assessees and Service Tax assessees have been differently prescribed, which are as under:
Particulars Start date End date

Enrolment of taxpayers who are registered under Central Excise Act but not registered under State VAT January 7, 2017 to Sept 30, 2017

Enrolment of taxpayers who are registered under Service Tax Act* but not registered under State VAT January 9, 2017 to Sept 30, 2017

*Instead of the Service Tax Act, it should have been written under the Finance Act, 1994.
Earlier, there was a category of “Delta All Registrants (All Groups)”, for which enrolment date was February 1, 2017. Now, the same has been replaced with specific category of “new registration under VAT/Service Tax/Central Excise after August, 2016”, in the following manner:

New registration under VAT/Service Tax/Central Excise after February 1, 2017 OR 30th September 2017

List of State VAT Websites

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