GST Registration Procedure for Existing Meghalaya VAT Dealers

GST Registration Procedure for Existing Meghalaya VAT Dealers. GST Migration Procedure for Existing VAT Dealers of Meghalaya State. Steps to Register at New GST Portal by Meghalaya VAT, CST & Excise Dealers. As you are aware that Goods and Service Tax is to be implemented from 1st July 2017 and we understand that as a Taxpayer you would like to continue your business operations under GST regime. GST Registration for Procedure for Existing Meghalaya VAT Dealers. GSTN will seek the details under the provisions of proposed model goods and Service Tax Act (GST Act).

GST provides for provisional registration of all existing dealers under Meghalaya VAT Act, whose PAN has been validated with the CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes). This process of enrolment of existing registered dealers of Meghalaya under Meghalaya VAT Act, to the GST System will commence from 16th December 2016 and end on 15th June 2017

Check Procedure for GST Registration in Meghalaya State for old VAT Dealers. Meghalaya existing dealers GST Registration Procedure. Full Process of Enrollment in GST for Meghalaya for existing VAT dealer. GST Registration Process in Meghalaya for Old VAT, Sales Tax Dealers. GST Registration Last Date in Meghalaya for Existing VAT, CST Dealers. Hi Friends in this article we provide complete details for how to register Meghalaya State old VAT Dealers at new GST Portal, How Meghalaya VAT Dealers Get Provision ID and Password for GST Registration etc. Now scroll down below n check more details for “GST Registration Procedure for Existing Meghalaya VAT Dealers”

GST Registration Procedure for Existing Meghalaya VAT Dealers

GST Registration Procedure for Existing Meghalaya VAT Dealers

How to get Provisional ID by Existing VAT Dealers of Meghalaya

Dear Users, your Provisional Login Id and Password for GST are available in your login of ETD Portal. Kindly start enrolling yourself.Please enable pop-up in your browser

Kind attention to all valid TIN holders under Meghalaya VAT/CST/Luxury Tax Acts

How to get Provisional ID & Password and Steps involved in Enrollment process:-


  • GST Provisional IDs have been generated for Meghalaya VAT Dealers.
  • Dealers can key-in their VAT TIN_NO, PAN_NO, Effective Date and Mobile No in this page.
  • After proper verification of the parameters, the System will provide the GST provisional IDs to the dealers.
  • The GST provisional IDs will be sent by SMS and email to the concerned dealer.
  • The dealer can login to GST portal ( using the provided provisional IDs and access token

Click Here to GET GST ACCESS TOKEN for Meghalaya dealers

  1. Login on to the departmental website using login id and password under Meghalayavat Act.
  2. A pop-up window will appear on the screen which will show your provisional USER ID and temporary PASSWORD for GSTN portal
  3. Login into GSTN portal by using the provisional USER ID and temporary PASSWORD.
  4. Now follow all onscreen instructions and generate new user ID & Password and Login again at GST Portal by using new User ID & Password..and then follow below instructions……

Please keep in mind:- 

  • The last date for provisional enrollment under GST is 15.06.2017.
  • The dealers who fail to get provisionally enrolled under GST will not be eligible to continue their business and claim ITC on the stock as on 30.04.2017.
  • The dealers should not share their provisional USER ID and temporary PASSWORD with anyone for their safety. The sole responsibility of the safety and secrecy of USER ID and PASSWORD would lie with the Dealer.
  • The enrolment under GST is free of cost.

GST Registration for Existing Tax Payers at New GST Portal

Hi Friends We Provide Complete Registration Procedure for Existing Tax Payers in Separate Article with all Screenshots, Please Check Full Registration Procedure for registration by Existing Dealers on GST Portal by the State VAT Dealers on following article….

GST Registration for Existing Tax Payers at New GST Portal

GST Registration Procedure for Existing Meghalaya VAT Dealers

  • Step 1 – Please Collect Provision ID From Meghalaya VAT Department Website. (Provisional ID and Password is Available on all Dealers Login)
  • Step 2: Now Please Visit on New GST Portal “” and click on “New User login”, Please accept Terms and Conditions and Click on “Continue” Button and Then Please Enter your Provisional ID and Password.
  • Step 3: Now Please Enter mobile Number and email id of the authorized signatory of the business entity. All future correspondence from the GST portal ( will be sent on this registered mobile number and email id.
  • Other Steps.
  • Receive two OTP on E-mail and Mobile.
  • Fill HP both OTP No on different place and submit.
  • After that for GST ID No & password to fill HP the information in given direction.
  • Now you go on and Log in with new ID and password.
  • After Log in go on Enrollment Menu.
  • Now on enrollment Application, Eight (8) tabs are available. They are Nature of business, Partner’s name, Authorized signatory, Principal Palace of business…etc…and verification/declaration tab has been closed in lastly.
  • After complete each Tab click on “save & continue “button.
  • upload all required document in correct format & size.
  • Click the SUBMIT button to save the updated information and documents.
  • Click Verification checkbox and submit with DSC (Note : Digitally signing using DSC is mandatory in case of LLP and Companies)
  • Click Proceed (Note : Make sure your DSC dongle is inserted in your laptop/ desktop)
  • Click Sign from the Pop-up window
  • Note: To view the details of your DSC, click the View Certificate button.
  • After complete the all Tab, click on submit button.
  • After successfully submission you received an ARN No (Which keeps safely for future reference when GST will be coming in force.)

In case of any queries, the taxpayer can contact on the Helpdesk Number (0034-4688999/ 0175- 2225192) or email id (

Document Required for GST Registration in Meghalaya

(A) Information Required for GST Registration By Meghalaya VAT Dealers

Before enrolling with the GST Common Portal, you must ensure to have the following information:

  • Provisional ID received from State VAT Authorities
  • Password received from the State VAT Authorities
  • Valid E-mail Address
  • Valid Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank IFSC

(B) Document Required for GST Registration in Meghalaya

Section Document Required (Any one in each section) Type & Size
Constitution of Business Partnership Deed JPG, PDF – 1 MB
Registration Certificate JPG, PDF – 1 MB
Principle place of business Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association JPG, PDF – 1 MB
Bye-laws of Society JPG, PDF – 1 MB
Tax Paid Receipt JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Municipal Khata Copy JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Electricity Bill JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Rent / Lease agreement JPG, PDF – 200 KB
Consent Letter JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Any other Certificate / document issued by Government JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Any other Certificate or record from Govt department JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Bank Statement JPG, PDF – 500 KB
Details of authorized signatory Letter of Authorisation JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Copy of resolution passed by BoD / Managing Committee JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Details of Bank Accounts First page of Pass Book JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Bank Statement JPG, PDF – 500 KB
Photo Photo JPG – 100 KB
Others Any other documents JPG, PDF – 1 MB
Any supporting documents JPG, PDF – 1 MB

In case you are unable to upload any document, check the Internet connectivity, file size and format of the document you are trying to upload.

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