GST Registration for Service Tax, GST Enrolment for Central Excise

GST Registration for Service Tax: GST Registration for Existing Service Tax Assessees, GST Migration for Existing Central Excise Dealers. check list ofDocuments required for conversion of service tax registration in to GST.  GST Enrolment for Existing Central Excise, Service Tax Assessees. Step by Step Guide for GST Registration for existing Central Excise and Service Tax Assessees. As you are aware, roll out of Goods and Services Tax (GST) is scheduled from 01.04.2017. The taxes of Central Excise and Service Tax would be subsumed in the GST. So as a Central Excise/Service tax taxpayer you need to take certain action to migrate to the GST regime. In order to migrate to GST, you need to have a provisional ID and password. These details you can obtain by logging into ACES portal ( These details are being obtained from GSTN and you may periodically log in to see your status.

GST registration last date for Existing Central Excise, Service Tax Assessees – 15th June 2017

Please Note – In case you are also registered with State Commercial Tax dept (VAT/Luxury Tax/Entry Tax/Entertainment Tax), you may have already initiated this process of migration and no further action will be applicable to you. Now check more details for “GST Registration for Service Tax, GST Enrolment for Central Excise” from below..

GST Registration for Service Tax

GST Registration for Service Tax, GST Enrolment for Central Excise

All existing Central Excise and Service Tax assessees will be migrated to GST starting 7th January 2017. To migrate to GST, assessees would be provided a Provisional ID and Password by CBEC. Provisional IDs would be issued to only those assessees who have a valid PAN associated with their registration. An assessee may not be provided a Provisional ID in the following cases:

  • The PAN associated with the registration is not valid
  • The PAN is registered with State a Tax authority and Provisional ID has been supplied by the said State Tax authority.
  • There are multiple CE/ST registrations on the same PAN in a State. In this case only 1 Provisional ID would be issued for the 1st registration in the alphatebical order provided any of the above 2 conditions are not met.

The assessees need to use this Provisional ID and Password to logon to the GST Common Portal ( where they would be required to fill and submit the Form 20 along with necessary supporting documents.

GST Registration Last Date – 15th June 2017

Subsequent pages provide the Steps to be followed by each assessee to migrate to GST.

Steps for Getting Provisional ID and Password

Hi Friends Here we are providing all Steps for How Central Excise and Service Tax Assessees get there provisional ID’s and Passwords form ACES Portal…

ACES Portal –

Step 1: Logon to ACES portal using the existing ACES User ID and Password

Step 2:Either follow the link to obtain the Provisional ID and Password OR navigate using the Menu

GST Enrolment for Existing Central Excise, Service Tax Assessees

GST Enrolment for Existing Central Excise, Service Tax Assessees 2

Step 3: Make a note of the Provisional ID and password that is provided. In case a Provisional ID is not provided, please refer the Next Step section. In case of further doubt please contact the CBEC Helpdesk at either 1800-1200-232 or email at

GST Enrolment for Existing Central Excise, Service Tax Assessees Step 3

Once you have obtained the Provisional ID and Password, logon to the GST Common Portal ( using this ID and Password.

Please Note – 

  • In some cases, your login credentials may have been shared through State VAT authorities. If you have completed the enrollment process using these credentials, you do not need to repeat the process
  • In some cases, your ID and Password may still be awaited from GSTN.
  • For assistance, contact CBEC MITRA – 1800 1200 232

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GST Registration for Service Tax after Getting Provisional ID

Procedure for Registration at New GST Portal After Getting Provisional ID & Password

Hi Friends We Provide Complete Registration Procedure for Existing Tax Payers in Separate Article with all Screenshots, Please Check Full Registration Procedure for registration on GST Portal by the Central Excise and Service Tax Assessees from  following article….

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Steps for GST Registration at New GST Portal

  • Step 1: Go to and click on “New User Login”
  • Step 2: Read, select checkbox and hit “Continue”
  • Step 3: Enter Provisional ID and Password received in ACES website
  • Step 4: Enter valid email address and mobile number
  • Step 5: Verify email and mobile number using OTP
  • Step 6: Select Username and Password for subsequent Login
  • Step 7: Answer security questions to help with password reset
  • Step 8: Answer security questions to help with password reset
  • Step 9 :GST Login credentials created successfully, Now visit again on GST Portal and then click on “Exiting User Login” and Re-enter with your login credentials
  • Step 10 – Fill all Require Details, upload Require Documents and Click Save & Continue
  • Step 11 – Fill the Details of Proprietors/Partners of your Firm
  • Step 12 – Fill the all other require Details, Upload the related documents and Click Save & Continue
  • Step 13 – Fill the Complete Details of Authorized Signatory
  • Step 14 – Enter Details, upload documents and Click Save & Continue
  • Step 15 – Fill The Details of Principal place of business
  • Step 16 – Enter Commodity Details and Save & Continue
  • Step 17: Click Verification checkbox and submit with DSC Note : Digitally signing using DSC is mandatory in case of LLP and Companies
  • Step 18: Verify the form and submit
  • Upon successful submission, Application Reference Number (ARN) is received through email and SMS

NOTE : The success message is displayed after the validation of the DSC PIN. You will receive the acknowledgement in next 15 minutes on your registered email address and mobile number. Application Reference Number (ARN) receipt will be sent on your e-mail address and mobile number.

Documents Required  for GST Registration for Service Tax

  1. Registration certificate
  2. Partnership deed (if applicable)
PROMOTERS/PARTNERS Photograph (for each) JPEG(100KB)
  1. Proof of appointment
  2. Photo
  • JPEG(100KB)
BANK ACCOUNTS Statement/First page (for each) PDF/JPEG(1MB)

Please note: In case your Central Excise or Service Tax registration does not have a valid Income Tax PAN number, you need to obtain the PAN number and update your registration details on to ACES portal before you can be migrated to GST.

You may visit or to know more about the process of migration to GST.

In case of any difficulty or query, please contact your jurisdictional Central Excise/Service Tax officers or call the following helpdesk numbers:

  • CBEC : 1800-1200-232.
  • GSTN: 0124 – 4688999

You can also send mail at

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  1. This is a Private ltd Company as the turn over is more than 10 lacs we are registered with Service Tax at Kolkata and regularly paying the service tax.

    As GST is payble for 20 Lacs and above and our turn over is much below 20 Lacs , We would like to Know whether we need to get registered for GST and if yes do we need to charge the client GST?

  2. i am a service tax assesse having individual registration on the category renting of immovable property and paying service tax. so In gst migration , i am facing some difficulties. one is in the field the constitution of business, i have filled others – INDIVIDUAL. but the in the authorised signatory field, details asking the proof of appointment of authorised signatory to upload. then what should i do? . i have taken Service tax REgisteration as Others- Individual category Renting of immovable property.

  3. We have a provisional GST number and want to add more products (HSN code) and SAC to the application but it is all not modifiable. How do I add more products?

  4. I am registered in service tax in march, 2017
    but now my GST provisional id not show and the screen shows that your provisional id is awaited
    what I do?

  5. Hi,
    I have filled the form but stuck on the verification part. I’ve sole proprietorship. Not sure how to digitally sign the form and submit. My phone number with Adhaar has stopped working and I’m not in India at present to get it updated quickly.
    While opting for e-sign I had seen there were two options in the dialogue box, could you shed more light on that part? Is there any way through which I can e-sign and submit the form?
    Also, I have seen is not working here, outside India? How to handle such situation?

  6. Sir,

    In GST Migration – our excise registration number mentioned as wrong( some spelling error)
    we will amended that in gst site in the amendment of non core field. on that time only one option was have to amend ans we will resubmitted our profile.
    but still it will not amended. now the GST help desk says this is wrong amendment. correct amendment will open soon, then you will try. but we cannot able to file our tran -1 and claim the itc in excise. pls reply us by mail


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