GST Council approves E-Way Bill, Applicable from Feb 1, 2018


GST Council approves E-Way Bill: Since the introduction of GST, the way of implementing long-held e-way bills has become clear. Today, on Saturday, GST Council has agreed to implement the e-way bill in the emergency meeting from February 1. E-way bill will be implemented in two ways depending on transport. For the Inter State E-way Bill, the Council has fixed deadline of 1 February 2018, whereas it has been decided to implement the Intra State E-Pay Bill from June 1, 2018. Prior to deadlines, the Deadline for trial of e-way bill has also been fixed which will start on January 15. With the introduction of e-way bill, it will be easy for the government to curb tax evasion.

GST Council approves E-Way Bill Applicable from Feb 1, 2018

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council on Saturday approved mandatory compliance of e-Way Bill for inter-state movement of goods from February 1, sources said here.

Some states might roll out both inter-state and intra-state e-Way Bill from February 1 on a voluntary basis. The system for e-Way Bill will be available from January 15.

E-way bill for intra-state will be compulsory from June 1, the source added. However, implementation of e-Way Bill for intra-state movement will done in a staggered manner from February.

What is E-Way bill

Under the e-way bill, traders will have to first inform the government through online registration for transports or delivery outside the state or state of the amount of product of more than Rs. 50,000. It will have to generate an e-way bill which will be valid for 1 to 15 days. This recognition will be decided based on the distance to take the product. For example, one day e-way bill will be made for a distance of 100 km, whereas a 15-day e-way bill will be created for a distance of more than 1,000 kilometers.

Distance E-Way bill Period
0-100 KM 24 Hours
101-300 KM 3 Days
301-500 KM 5 Days
501-1000 KM 10 Days
More then 1000 KM 20 Days

What is intra and inter stat e-way bill

Intra State e-pay will be made to transport the stock within the state. In order to send or receive stock in other states outside the state, the Inter State E-Pay Bill will be made.

These products are out of e-way bill

  • E-Way Bill will generate by Register Supplier, Bayer and transponders.
  • E-Way Bill can be created and canceled by SMS.
  • Contraceptive, judicial and non-judicial stamp paper, newspaper, jewelery, khadi, raw silk, Indian flag, human hair, mascara, dia, check, municipal waste, worship material, LPG, kerosene, heating aids and currency from e-pay bill E-They are excluded from the e-way bill.

These places should not have e-way bill

  • From the date on which the e-way bill will be applied, it will be notified separately.
  • The need for e-way bill will not be on non-motor convergence, transporting goods from ports, airports, air cargo complexes and land customs going to the customs station and the goods coming.

Here E-way bill required

For multiple consignments, transponders have to make consolidate e-pay bills. If the goods have to be transferred from one vehicle to another then the e-way bill will be required.

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Why convened emergency meeting?

  • Under the leadership of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, this meeting was done through video conferencing.
  • This meeting was considered as important, as compared to the previous month, GST Revenue decreased 12 thousand crore rupees.
  • GST Council reviewed the reduction in GST tax collection.
  • In October, GST collection was 83 thousand 346 crores which is less than the last three months tax collection. In September, the tax collection was Rs 95 thousand 131 crore.
  • Reducing the gap between system and tax evasion in the meeting is an important issue.

The System to be ready by 16th of January, 2018; The Uniform System of e-way Bill for Inter-State as well as Intra-State movement will be implemented across the country by 1st June, 2018.

Official Press Release

The 24th Meeting of the GST Council held today through video conference under the Chairmanship of the Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Shri Arun Jaitley. It discussed about the implementation of e-way Bill system in the country. Till such time as the National e-way Bill is ready, the States were authorized to continue their own separate e-way Bill systems. However, it was represented by the trade and transporters that this is causing undue hardship in the Inter-State movement of goods and therefore, bringing in an early all India system of e-way Bill has become a necessity. The GST Council today reviewed the progress of readiness of hardware and software required for the introduction of nationwide e-way Bill System. After discussions with all the States, the following decisions were taken :-

i) The nationwide e-way Bill system will be ready to be rolled out on a trial basis latest by 16th January, 2018. Trade and transporters can start using this system on a voluntary basis from 16th January, 2018.

ii) The Rules for implementation of nationwide e-way Bill system for Inter-State movement of goods on a compulsory basis will be notified with effect from 1st February, 2018. This will bring uniformity across the States for seamless inter-State movement of goods.

iii) While the System for both inter-State and intra-State e-way Bill generation will be ready by 16th January, 2018, the States may choose their own timings for implementation of e-way Bill for intra-State movement of goods on any date before 1st June, 2018. There are certain States which are already having system of e-way Bill for intra-State as well as inter-State movement and some of those States can be early adopters of national e-way Bill system for intra-State movement also. But in any case, the Uniform System of e-way Bill for inter-State as well as intra-State movement will be implemented across the country by 1st June, 2018.

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